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The leadership and professional development experience
for new directors of business schools


The Strategic Leadership Programme for Deans offers an unmissable leadership and development experience for new directors of business schools.

It is the ideal place for newly appointed deans to gain and share best practices.


The Strategic Leadership Programme for Deans is the ideal platform for learning and sharing experience that brings together new directors of business schools with experienced leaders of top institutions around the world.

This high-level programme will help you master your position as head of a school and arm you with solutions to complex and strategically challenging problems.

Additionally, you will establish and foster a powerful international network of deans and directors as a lasting resource for ideas, exchanges, joint actions and mutual support.


The programme takes place over 4 days in Brussels. With a combination of plenary and interactive breakout sessions, you will have the opportunity to discuss burning issues related to your strategic role.

Among the different themes, you will deliberate on finance matters, including funding and programme cost, faculty retention and recruitment and the impact of new technologies in institutions.

The additional discussion sessions ‘what-I-could-have-done-better’ will allow you to brainstorm on strategic challenges faced in your institution and seek advice with peers.

Ready to join the programme?


“The programme provided three kinds of benefits – sessions led by highly impressive established Deans, giving insights into thestrategic dimensions of developing business schools internationally; working with a peer group of Deans, learning from our challenges and ways of addressing these, again with a strong international profile; and gaining insight into EFMD itself, its accreditations and view on developing business education internationally. To my delight, the working relationships and peer groups formed during the course have been sustained and it has been a pleasure to catch-up with colleagues subsequently.”

John Finch

Head of School, Adam Smith Business School,
University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Programme Benefits

  • Developing your role

    The programme provides you with an overview of a dean’s main responsibilities. You will explore the essence of your role as the head of an institution and its impacts – both internal and external. In addition, you will gain an understanding of the new challenges that deans are facing today.

  • Peer to peer discussion

    Following the Chatman House Rule, you will have the opportunity to share your experience and best practices with your peers. Speakers will be available to answer your questions and share their own experience as deans.

  • Strengthening your network

    By the end of the programme, you will have developed a core group of trusted peers you can count on to continuously exchange ideas and share experience.


Stepping into the role
of the dean

Hardly anybody embarks on the long, difficult and actually quite risky path of a career as a professor in order to become the dean of a business school. Few are prepared when it hits them.
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